The Life Integration Process, abbreviated as LIP, according to Dr. Wilfried Nelles (, is an evolution of family constellations according to Bert Hellinger.

It differs from classical family constellations, among other things, in that the focus in the work is not on the familial system surrounding the client, but almost exclusively on the client themselves and the life phases they have gone through, or the life phase in which the client currently finds themselves.

Furthermore, positions in the room are assigned to the representatives, around which they move as required.

The approach is to adopt a phenomenological, growth-oriented perspective on the facts that life presents, and to allow from this perspective what is to be and happen.

In terms of gestalt therapy, it can be about becoming who one is.

In the seminars, I work based on my experience as a gestalt therapist and as a facilitator according to Dr. Nelles.

Clinically, it involves constellation work with biographical components in a group setting. However, the work goes beyond this in that it adopts a perspective of allowing and accepting what is.

Often, we try to change our lives in a certain way or direction, which seen from some distance, cannot work as intended.

There is an effect to be observed, which many know: “From an outside perspective, it is very clear that the endeavor cannot succeed and the solution seems obvious and simple – but when one finds oneself in such a situation, this perspective is not accessible…”

In the seminars, I try to create a space in which participants can gain the necessary distance and inner stability in the situation, in order to be able to meet their questions and concerns on an equal footing.

In this field of being, creative creativity and quiet transformation can take hold, which is inherent in every person in the form of autonomous tendencies toward self-healing.

Allowing things to happen occurs, and silence enters being.